Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Sun Newspaper

The Sun
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Hi all!
As you can see I have not posted in a mega, long time. Apologies. I know it is the summer holidays too and you probably thought 'well, no excuses not to be posting!'. But I'm really glad to tell you what I have been working on and towards for the last few weeks.

Today, I have been published in The Sun newspaper as part of their 'Column Idol' competition- raising the problems my passion entails and showing this to a wider audience, probably unaware of the issues raised. Yes it t'was about the modelling industry and is only a small sample of what's to be produced if I win the competition. 

The quotes and case studies used are real, honest accounts of their traumas and I cannot expose the identity of one- but I can assure you that she's a real, signed model with credibility. Credibility is one of the concerns I had when applying for the competition; I'm the youngest in the contest and thought a reader would simply presume 'oh she's just a schoolgirl, how do we not know she's just making it up' so I actively searched for official quotes and figures to use in the article - instead of being generalised, which is sometimes how the industry is expressed in other media work. Rarely going into details, just scraping the surface of the issue. Additionally, when culminating the article I did want to drop the name Kendall Jenner because she really personifies the juxtaposition of the point I was raising- and I kind of wanted to educate her fans a bit too. Well, in theory I wanted to educate everyone who didn't already know of this issue, but the Jenner's infuriate me slightly as they're extremely priviledged, but they seem to slate it on their reality show... forgetting their position and status. Yes, they are the inadequate ones. At least say Georgia May Jagger doesn't complain about her modelling career helpers. 

It will be on The Sun's website soon, unsure when but I will update this post once I know. Also, if you're on twitter check out the #ColumnIdol hashtag for more inspirational articles. Or just buy The Sun!

Would like to say a huge thank you to The Media Trust including Emma who is very good at what she does!, The Sun and my mentor Lynne Mckenna at Fabulous magazine. Although I've never actually met Lynne, we emailed constantly and she helped build my end result. And a quick thank you to my awesome make-up artist and photographer for the photos, they drove across the country to see me! 

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hello all!

Apologies for the lack of updates [gosh this is becoming more common than I expected] but I've been undertaking various projects to occupy myself this summer and well... they're time consuming projects.

I understand the couture shows are taking place [slightly fangirling over the Elie Saab show yesterday] and will be tweeting my 'highlights' from my @ArrayOStyle Twitter and Instagram account!

Ciao for now :)

Friday, 27 June 2014

Orange is the new black - really? REALLY. #OIStNB

Hallelujah, a post! Before I start, just like to say a big THANK YOU to our lovely guest bloggers who blogged for #ABlogADayInMay 2014. Including Taylor of Somewhere over the rainbow, Blusher and Bronze, Hey Iris, Christina of This Fashion Girl, Evie Stacey of Distaceful and finally Blushing Beauty. I haven't really had time to communicate with you girls properly, so thank you for your lovely posts and passion seeping through them. Will be adding you all to my blog reading list :)

Orange is the new black - really? REALLY! 

So after completing my exams last weekend I took a shopping trip, in person. I know, I'm not one for actually moving out of my bed at 6am in the morning to traipse around shops, knowing they won't have my size/style/budget. Of which, they had neither. Dang it. Anywho, when at lunch- I headed for twitter and the whole world was talking about this show called 'Orange is the new black'. Then, galivanted to Miss Selfridge and they were advertising the show too in the changing rooms. Hmm, fishy I thought. Kinda reminded me of the 'Breaking Bad' and 'Game of Throne' crazes that started not so long ago.

When I thought of the colour orange [in fashion terms] it made me think of Legally Blonde. 

Orange isn't a terrible colour, but it just reminds us all of that dreaded fake tan. 

But in fashion terms, orange can look very 70s and funky fresh. Oh god I said funky fresh- ergh. 

So the main point of today's post was to convince you that orange is a nice colour, regardless of the TV show's influence. Will the TV show help orange make a comeback? It's possible. Fashion is influenced by the media a lot. Whether its the people, places or past - fashion isn't new, just recycled.

Here's the Polyvore post. The outfit is for a budget and is a slight mix-match. But hey ho, what do you think? Is orange the new black?

Orange is the new black

Orange is the new black

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe

#HappyBirthdayMarilynMonroe Embrace your inner Marilyn with Marbelle's 'Tallulah' dress, like the #dress worn in the famous '7 Year Itch' scene. Available in white: email

Thursday, 15 May 2014

#ABlogADayInMay 6th

Keeping up with the celebs. Who inspires your style? Why, how?
Celebrities are a massive part of most people's lives. We copy their hair, make-up, actions and fashion, as they influence nearly every part of our lives! There are some certain individuals who I completely idolize and want to copy their every outfit and make-up look!
The top most influential person for me personally is the one and only Kylie Jenner. Her style is always perfectly on-point. She changes up her style - some days it's dark and edgy and then the next it's girly! I often do this, so I take an awful lot of inspiration from her outfits! Her hair is absolutely beautiful! I also have ombréd hair, but I actually didn't copy it from her, but I would love to have her ombréd bob! Lastly, make-up. Kylie's make-up is always perfect, I take a lot of inspiration from her make-up looks also as she always looks flawless. Her signature look is the 'winged eyeliner and red lip' which I have tried to recreate a zillion times!
I think she's quite different to the rest of the Kardashians in some ways, as she has her own style and is very naturally pretty as well as when she's all made up!
My next fashion inspiration is Lauren Pope. If you don't know her, Lauren is a reality TV star on The Only Way Is Essex, which is a controversial show but I love it so much! Recently, she's had a very sophisticated, catwalk inspired style and I love it! She always looked very stylish, glamorous and classy. Wherever she's going or whatever she's doing, she looks set for the red carpet!
Her make-up is always lovely, with those perfectly chiseled cheekbones of hers! I try to channel a bit of her through my style some days, but I probably fail! Lauren recently developed her own clothing line with In The Style, so here's a link to that Not surprisingly, all the clothes are gorgeous and reflect her style very well!
No fashion inspiration would be complete without this beauty, Cara Delevinge. A model herself, she always looks beautiful. She has quite a boyish style, which I have tried to wear myself. She doesn't go over the top with her clothes, she just looks very casual. Most of the time, she's styling some skinny jeans, or high waisted shorts, which are my favourite! We have something in common in that neither of us wear much colour! Her hair is always very simple, and perfectly messy and it just suits her perfectly, and I would love to have her hair! She has her signature brown smokey eye look, which looks perfect and is also one of my favourite eye looks as it's quite edgy yet girly enough. I'm sure that Cara is many young girls fashion/beauty icon!

 How  could I forget one of my favourite people ever?! Cheryl Cole! She has been one of my inspirations for a very long time, when she had red hair I dyed my red, turned out awful but oh well! I do love Cheryl Cole's style as she changes it up a lot, and she always look gorgeous, whether she's casual or not. I was so happy to hear she's back on the X factor as she always looks stunning each week. I am incredibly jealous of her!
 I suspect many of your fashion inspirations will probably be the same as mine, very mainstream I know, but who are your fashion favourites? And how do they influence your style?
Blog Name: Blusherandbronze
Name: Lydia
Age: 15/16 (Depending when this post goes up!)
Favourite Make-up Brand: MAC
Favourite Model: Cara Delevinge
Twitter: @Bandbronze
Instagram: blusherandbronze